RENS Episode 3: Live an Epic Life with Jason Mittman – Only Epic Holdings

RENS Episode 3: Live an Epic Life with Jason Mittman


Ben Kogut had a wonderful conversation with Jason Mittman, the President and CEO of Only Epic Holdings. Jason has been Ben’s mentor for 20 years, and has been in the commercial real estate industry for almost 30 years, covering real estate brokerage, development, investments, etc. He’s also into extreme adventure sports.

In this must-listen episode, Jason shared about his journey in the real estate business and the lessons he learned along the way. 

Episode Highlights:

02:12 – Jason shared how he started in the commercial real estate business and who his first mentor was.

04:10 – The most difficult part of the business during the course of his journey in the real estate industry he’s in.

09:15 – Jason’s advice to people who want to give the real estate business a try.

10:25 – Jason shares his current extreme sports training and schedules.

11:25 – What are the takeaways that you want your audience to have after participating in your course?

13:25 – Jason explains what Fear Setting is.

14:45 – What’s the first or worst job you’ve ever had?

16:30 – What’s the best advice you could give to your past self?

17:20 – Ben shared how Jason influenced his life for 20 years and how grateful he is for all the good things.

17:42 – Jason’s words of wisdom to anyone who wants to start something or learn something, especially in the real estate business.

19:50 – How does Jason Mittman invest in himself?

“Reach out to one person and just say hello”

21:14 – Jason’s morning routine

22:22 – How does Jason Mittman invest in the world or the community?

24:45 – How do you define success?

“What you want to be, who you want to be, and how you want to be. Don’t let others dictate that for you.”

“Be your own definition of success. Don’t let anyone change that.”

26:20 – How has your definition of success changed from the day you got your real estate license to today?

27:22 – Jason shared a glimpse of his book, First Time Investors, for the first time here at the Real Estate Niche Show!

29:30 – Jason’s fun words of advice for everyone

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