Only Epic Holdings Origin

Only Epic Holdings was formed from a trail run. Jason Mittman and Stewart Scovil were both professional cyclists and overall avid athletes. The first time Jason and Stewart met they went on trail run and the natural competitive juices started flowing. It was a great run and they both knew they had met their match.

From that point forward the relationship grew over multiple years. They reviewed various deals and examined the strengths and weaknesses of both partners. They quickly learned that their overall real estate history and abilities created a partnership that is 1+1=5.

Both Jason and Stewart want to build a great asset management company, partner with great people and uplift the communities we operate.


Always Abundance
Always Authenticity
Always Growth
Always Possible
Always Forward


By recruiting and leading an only epic team the rest will follow. We only invest in epic people, partnerships, businesses and real estate which generate sustainable multi-decade profit that over a 10 year period beats market returns and has a significant positive impact on the community.



• We focus first on family, health, fun, growth, and creativity. Doing so drives long term success.
• Manage risk and underwrite thoroughly. Our goal of due diligence is to know everything about the property before we buy it. Surprises lose money.
• Time is our most precious commodity and we invest to be the most efficient users of time.
• Invest in, manage, and lease with a multi-decade outlook.
• Work with and invest in only the absolute best people.
• Our systems and controls are created, known, and embraced by our entire Team.
• We quickly admit mistakes, immediately review to learn and improve for the future
• Invest in epic ideas for the long term.
• We encourage and join our team to help achieve their personal and professional goals.
• For epic success and growth we are learning focused.
• Mentoring increases everyone’s success. Internal and as volunteers to our Community.


• Our BELIEFS: Always with integrity,
• Profit is an obligation by and for our Team. Both expense reduction and revenue production.
• Firm and fair prevents politely failing.
• Giving back to the community is our way.
• Everything is negotiable. Ask.
• Paying the best and brightest more costs less than hiring cheaply.
• If you can measure it you can improve it.
• Stretch goals leads to greater success.
• Mistakes are growth opportunities.
• Health, life, family, and fun come first.
• When everyone thrives, everyone wins.
• Investing in people, technology, and coaching for exponential success.
• Surround yourselves with a Team with unshakeable integrity, drive, creativity, and team focus.
• Exceed expectations and have joy in serving others.
• Things happen by design not by accident.
• If we do not understand our numbers we are throwing money away.