Owners Sellers and Brokers

Owners Sellers and Brokers

  • We believe in helping others strive towards having Only Epic careers.
  • We welcome you sending us any new deals that you come across.
  • Our team will respond quickly with useful feedback and can be extremely creative in our deal structures.
This includes reasons why we are or are not interested in a deal and give honest feedback to help you further market the deal, even if we aren’t the right buyers.


South from the Rockies to the Mid-Atlantic

Property Types

Industrial, Self-Storage, Retail, Medical Office, STNL, Multi-Family (No Land or Residential)

Value Add Properties

IRR must REALISTICALLY exceed 20% within 5 years

Stabilized Properties

Produce a 12% cash-on-cash return

Long Term

A property that will increase in value for 20+ years that we would be proud the public knows we own.