IRR 118: Risk As Much As You Can – Only Epic Holdings

IRR 118: Risk As Much As You Can


The Investor Relations Real Estate Podcast 

Episode 118  – Risk As Much As You Can 

Host: Jonny Cattani 

Guest: Jason Mittman

Producer: April Munson

Jonny Cattani is joined by Jason Mittman to discuss: 

  • Focusing on your mindset 
  • Understanding the asset and the financials behind it 
  • Risk as much as you can 

Jason is passionate about family, friends, the outdoors, commercial real estate, public speaking, and business coaching. He is a competitive athlete and a mountaineer.

He is a licensed Texas Real Estate Broker, CCIM, Society of Exchange Counselors (SEC) Member, and holds a degree in business from U.T.S.A. Jason has over 25 years of Real Estate expertise including analysis, sourcing, development, construction, leasing, finance, acquisition, disposition, and brokerage. Mittman has invested in, owned and developed across the spectrum of real estate including medical office, multi-family, multi-tenant retail, land, hospitality, & single tenant assets.

Linked material referenced during the show: 

Book: Courage Is Calling – Ryan Holiday

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